Plastering Services Bristol and Bath

Plastering and Skimming services, is an ideal way of making surfaced damaged walls like new. Most commonly when wall paper is removed the plaster underneath is not good enough to paint, small hair line cracks, scratches, holes etc so the best way to sort this is to have a re-skim. After using a PVAĀ solution to walls/ceilings two coats of finishing plaster is ready to be applied.

If walls and ceilings have artex on, they may need to have a coat of ‘bonding plaster” applied to help give a good working surface, or in some cases where the artex is very heavy sheets of plasterboard will have to be fixed. We will never scrape artex due to the possibility that asbestos may have been used in the artex.

When we plaster…

When we plaster all electrical socket faces and light fixtures are undone so we can plaster behind to create a perfect finish, once plastering is complete we fix light fixtures and sockets back loosely ready for painting. Skirting boards and picture rails can be left on and we can plaster up to them, unless replacing woodwork then we recommend removing the skirting/picture rail first and plastering behind giving a nice flat surface to refit woodwork to.

Dust sheets are always used over carpets and if you would like us to use extra protection we can use a sticky polythene carpet protector prior to plastering.