Home insulation and sound deadening

We have solutions for un-efficient homes where heat loss and traveling sound through walls are a problem.

Internal wall home insulation

If you have solid walls with no cavity you could cut your heating costs considerably by having us fit internal wall insulation, solid walls let through twice as much heat as cavity walls do. This is because solid walls have no gap, so the heat can travel straight through the brick work.

The insulation boards we use are mechanically fixed to the internal walls of the building and the plastered over ready for decorating. Insulation boards come in different thicknesses and have higher insulation values the thicker they get.

Another plus with the insulation boards we use is they can cure condensation and mould problems in rooms which have cold walls.

Sound deadening

If you have thin walls where noise for your neighbours is a issue we can sort this in a multitude of ways and aim to reduce air born noise buy up to 70% (music with high bass traveling through walls may not have such a high reduction rate but will still be reduced)

We can improve the sound insulation of your walls using soundproofing products such as acoustic panel. Starting at only 22.5mm thick the panel offers extremely good levels of sound insulation when added to brick or stud walls.

The panels composition means sound transferring through the wall is blocked and absorbed at the same.