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Working only for home owners since 2006 we have crafted our skills to be extremly tidy and respectfull when carrying out work

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So what can we offer and why are we different…

One of the first things you may notice is that all the plastering, rendering and renovation photos on our website are photos of work we “just plastered” have completed in and around Bristol, we do not use randomly found pictures from the internet or other photos from plasterers in Bristol to portray our company.

We also offer much more than just plastering and pride ourselves on our passion and skill to be able achieve a very high standard of work on every job we carry out from plastering to renovations. We also know that providing a quality service is just as important as the final finish so where other plasterers in Bristol fail on reliability and punctuality we excel. All our work is carried out in a tidy professional manor.

Our approach to plastering and rendering in Bristol and Bath

We are friendly experienced plasterers in Bristol and able to offer advice on many aspects of plastering, rendering and renovations as a result this is one of the reasons we get such a high amount of recommendations and repeat customers for plastering in Bristol.

As plasterers in Bristol we established in 2006 and kept strong through the recession when we were mostly plastering in Bristol around the Pembroke road area of Clifton, through out the years we have taken on bigger contracts plastering in Bristol and rendering in Bristol and have built up a vast clientele along with linking up with other plasterers in Bristol.

Just plastered has kept the same traditional work ethics since we established in 2006.


Expert Plasterers in Bristol and Bath

When plastering indoors we treat your home with respect and cover all carpets prior to plastering, also when plastering we are careful not to make unnecessary mess and once the plastering is complete rooms are cleaned and vacuumed ready for the next stage of work.

  • Electrical sockets and light fixtures are undone and plastered behind.
  • Electrical socket boxes are cleaned out after plastering is complete.
  • All beading is cleaned ready for painting.
  • Skirting boards, picture rails and coving are cleaned after plastering.
  • Rooms are left clean and vacuumed ready for the next stage any rubbish is bagged and taken away (not left for you to dispose of)

Rendering in Bristol and Bath

On all rendering work the same approach is taken much as the internal plastering, if old render has been removed all rubble is swept, bagged and disposed of.  At the end of each day the building is left clean and tidy therefore ready for another productive day.

  • Tarpaulins are used to protect floors of areas where rendered and mixed up to.
  • Windows and doors are protected while hacking off old render with hard board or protective ridged plastic.
  • While rendering, sticky polythene is used to protect windows and doors from splashes of render.
  • All rubble/rubbish is bagged and removed.
  • Scaffolding is provided and we deal with our scaffolding company to erect and take down.

We are expert plasterers in Bristol and are here to help you get your project done right first time, stress free and to a high standard.


Frequently asked questions about plastering, rendering and damp proofing

Can you plaster my Artex ceilings?

Depending on the style and depth of the Artex depends on what method which is best to achieve a smooth plaster finish. With lighter styles of Artex it is possible to plaster straight over, if the Artex is a bit thicker it may require a bonding coat first to lose the thickness of the Artex before the plaster can be applied. If the Artex is very deep its advised to plasterboard the ceiling first before plastering, which ever type of Artex you have we are able to achieve a smooth plaster finish. We have been plastering over Artex ceilings in Bristol and Bath for many years now and have seen a lot of different patterns and have learnt the best plastering methods to over come Artex.

what do we need to do before you start work?

Before plastering we need rooms to be cleared and to have access to water and electricity. If there is any wallpaper this needs to be fully removed so when we plaster the surface is free from debris.

How long to wait before painting fresh plaster?

Depending on what type of plastering work you have had done depends on how long it will take the plaster to dry. If for example we plaster on to new plasterboard then the plaster will dry fairly quickly. If plastering on to old walls the plaster may need to go on thicker in places which will take longer to dry. There are many factors that affect drying times such as the weather, how warm the house is kept or even if the house is vacant. We can give you some idea when quoting for the plastering work how long it may take for your plastering job to dry.


How to paint fresh plaster?

A mist coat is the first coat of paint applied to new plaster, it is white matt emulsion diluted with water roughly three parts emulsion to one part water. Don’t worry if this coat looks patchy or translucent. The mist coat gets drawn into the wall and seals it ready for the next coat. If you used undiluted paint the moisture would get drawn out to quickly, and the paint would sit on top of the plaster and not adhere properly and may crack or peal in the future. Once dry paint with two coats (undiluted) of emulsion paint. If you require a painter and decorator we work along side one of the best in Bristol and can pass you his details.


Can you plaster over wallpaper?

Unfortunately we do not plaster over wallpaper, some plasterers in Bristol do but there is a risk that the wallpaper will start to come away from the wall while plastering. Even if the plasterer were to manage to finish the work there is a good chance that the plaster will blow or come away from the wall at a later date. We plaster to a high standard and believe that a good finish starts with good preparation.


How long does it take to plaster a room?

If it’s just a skim and depending on the size of the room it usually takes between one and two days to complete.


Is plastering messy?

No not when we plaster.

We have spent many years learning how to plaster to a high standard in customers homes in Bristol and Bath. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and get many comments from our customers who are surprised by how tidy the plastering work has been carried out.


We’ve got nice carpets and are concerned about mess, what can be done?

We are used to working in top end homes in Bristol and Bath with high quality carpets and we protect the carpets fully before any plastering work takes place. We always put down dust sheets before any plastering equipment is taken into rooms. For added protection we can put down premium carpet protector this is a self adhesive carpet protection system, its totally waterproof and is heavy duty so won’t tear or rip please let us know if you would like this to be added to your plastering quotation.


What things can be done to reduce cost for plastering and damp proofing work?

Simple things like removing wallpaper before we plaster will reduce the cost. If your planning on replacing skirting boards these can also be removed prior so then we can plaster to the floor and new skirtings fitted afterwards. If you have picture/dado rails this can increase the cost of plastering as it slows down the plasterer and also is another thing to keep clean while plastering. When having damp proofing work carried out if all obstacles could be removed from affected walls i.e cabinets, skirting boards etc. This is one less labour intensive cost to pay us for if your happy to do it yourself, if not thats absolutely fine we offer a complete plastering and damp proofing service to make things as easy as possible for our customers in Bristol and Bath. 

How long do we have to wait before you refit skirting boards and other wood work?

Depending on what type of plastering work you have had done depends on how long it will take the plaster to dry. If for example we plaster on to new plasterboard then the plaster will dry fairly quickly and could refit wood work in about a weeks time. If you have had damp work carried out by ourselves and the original plaster was removed back to brick work then tanked and new backing coat applied followed by finishing plaster this will take much longer and you could be looking at about four weeks. Please do let us know if you have any questions and we can answer them accurately in accordance to your specific job. We also work alongside a joinery Company in Bristol who can match and make custom skirting boards and architraves.


How much of an improvement can i expect from having noise deadening work carried out to my walls?

This depends on what walls you already have either solid brick walls or timber stud work, it also depends on what methods and materials you choose. On some of the projects around Bristol we have reduced air born noise by 55 dB. We can help you choose the best option to eliminate the noise.


How thick are the internal insulation boards to help with heat loss.

Insulated plasterboard starts at 22mm thick and goes up to 75mm. There are many variants in between and also different insulation material to the back of the plasterboard to choose from. We can assist you in choosing the right insulated plasterboard to help with the heat loss and keep your energy bills down. We source the best materials at best cost from around the country and have them delivered to us in Bristol to ensure our quotations are kept competitive.


What choices of renders are there?

There are many different types of render to choose from, maybe the first thing to consider is whether you are looking for a traditional sand and cement render or a modern render this may be determined by the style of your house. Older buildings and cottages may point towards having a sand, cement and lime render, while newer builds may suit modern products such as k-rend and webber. Another thing to consider is the actual finish of the render, you may choose from a smooth finish or a textured finish such as roughcast or pebble dash. We have rendered many properties in Bristol and Bath and if you are not sure about what render would suit your property we would be more than happy to assist and also go through the benefits of choosing that particular render. We also work closely with a Bristol based render supplier who can send us colour samples to help you find the perfect render.


Do we have to arrange scaffolding for rendering?

Unless you would like to arrange your own scaffolding we have a scaffolding company based in Bristol that we trust and have been using for many years now. They understand the requirements we need for rendering.


How weather dependant are you for rendering to be carried out?

Unfortunately the weather does play a big factor in rendering. When rendering we watch the Bristol and Bath weather forecast closely and always aim for a dry days. Sometimes it’s a case of postponing the work for a day or so to ensure we have a dry day so we can get the finish we are looking for.